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Faculty of Medical Sciences, University Medical Center Groningen


The Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Groningen uses E-Learning modules as learning material for the medical students. The challenge with these modules is that some of the images that the lecturers wish to use do not have the correct licence to be used in the module. My task is to create new custom images that can be used within the E-Learning modules.


For some of the images we are able to find Public Domain visuals as a replacement, but others need to be custom made. Based on each of the topics within the brief, I either find a good quality replacement or, if not available, I create a new image from scratch.


How to correctly hold a mask with two hands.

How to correctly hold a mask with one hand.

Steps of laryngeal mask insertion

Mallampati scores

Cormack - Lehane classification

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I'm Cristina, a scientific illustrator and 3D artist based in Alicante, Spain.

I have scientific training as a biotechnologist, which I combine with my education and experience as a medical illustrator and 3D artist to create beautiful images to communicate your message. 


My goal is to make your project stand out with great design and eye-catching images, and to make your message easy to understand.

If you have a question or an idea for a project, feel free to contact me!

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