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Faculty Development, University Medical Center Groningen


At the University of Groningen, it's not only students who study. Lecturers continue to educate themselves to ensure they are making the most of their lectures and available tools. The goal of this project was to provide lecturers with engaging visuals that helped them understand and implement two teaching tools: Problem Based Learning and Team Based Learning


Because the content was quite text-heavy, we opted for a format that combined text and images: infographics. A fun comic-like style was chosen to make the image eye-catching. Plus, each method is divided in steps, which makes the vignette layout suitable. On the learning platform, each infographic is displayed next to the text that contains all the details so that it can be read as a standalone to get the bigger picture. If the user wants more detailed information, they can refer to the text.

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I'm Cristina, a scientific illustrator and 3D artist based in Alicante, Spain.

I have scientific training as a biotechnologist, which I combine with my education and experience as a medical illustrator and 3D artist to create beautiful images to communicate your message. 


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