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This project was part of my MSc Medical Art 


For anatomical illustrations to be accurate, we have to use reliable sources. One of the possibilities is to base our images on real CT scans. The advantage of this is that different layers can be separated and we can use selective transparency to highlight the parts we are interested in.


The aim of this project was to create accurate anatomical illustrations by extracting relevant data from CT scans. The initial data was extracted using InVesalius, and separate 3D models were created from the bones, lungs, muscles and skin. These were cleaned up and painted in Zbrush. The face was modified to respect the anonymity of the patient.



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I'm Cristina, a scientific illustrator and 3D artist based in Alicante, Spain.

I have scientific training as a biotechnologist, which I combine with my education and experience as a medical illustrator and 3D artist to create beautiful images to communicate your message. 


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