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Faculty of Medical Sciences, University Medical Center Groningen


Dentistry students have to learn complex techniques with many steps, and it's crucial that they know the procedure well before they have the chance to perform it on patients. Glass fiber dental posts are used to restore teeth, and the technique involves numerous steps that have to be performed in the right order. The goal of this project was to create an E-Learning resource to help students learn this technique.


We chose to create an animation, since it's a great way to illustrate processes that happen in a series of sequential steps. We chose a 2D animation for simplicity, since the most important learning points, in this case, were the tools and materials used, and the order of the steps. You can watch the full animation below. This project was created in Dutch, since its main audience is Dentistry students at the University of Groningen.

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Creating a 2D animation is a long and complex process. It's important that the workflow is very clear and that everyone is on board with every step.

The first two steps; the script and the storyboard, were already created when I took on this project. In this case, because there are no camera movements or change of scene, we could work with a storyboard in the form of text directly, which saved us a lot of time in creating a visual storyboard.

What I did was to create a few mockups to test the fonts, background color, and layout. We needed a look that wouldn't distract from the animation itself, would give us enough space for the texts, and was aligned with the University's brand guidelines.

Once we had chosen a look, I created the individual animation assets. The tooth was the main piece that was going to be present throughout the animation, so it needed to be layered correctly to be able to create the effects of drilling, filling, and so on. Each individual tool is an image with a transparent background so that they can be moved freely on the screen. Here are a few examples




After that, everything was put together to create the final animation. It was timed carefully to give the students enough time to read the text before the animation for that step happens.

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