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Many scientific journals require scientists to submit their abstracts in the form of an image. The image should be attractive and give potential readers a visual summary of what they are going to find in the article. researchers at the University Medical Center Groningen wanted to create a graphical abstract for their paper.


Taking into account the requirements of the journal, we identified the key messages of the article. Based on this, we designed an intuitive layout that highlighted the main points. We opted for a clean, stylized style to avoid distractions.

The final article and image were published in volume 10, Issue 9 of Theranostics



 I followed a series of steps that took this project from idea to finished product.


First, I collected all the information that the client gave me about their paper. Together, we agreed on the key messages we wanted to highlight with this image.

Based on that, I created s very rough layout draft for them to review. The goal of this draft is to make sure all the key elements are present and visible, that the reading flow is logical, and that we are giving each element an amount of space that corresponds to its importance within the message.


The client had the chance to provide feedback on the first draft, which I incorporated into a slightly more detailed sketch.

I added more labels, as well as some boxes to make the order of reading clearer. Here the client had another chance to provide feedback. Colors were incorporated in this sketch as well so that the client could get a better feel for what the final image would look like.


Thanks to the first rounds of sketches, by the final stage we are sure that the layout is logical and the key messages are present, so we only have to worry about minor adjustments. Things like adding arrows and labels, adjusting colors and fonts or adding small icons can be done at this stage.

Lastly, I did a final check to make sure the image complied with the journal's requirements for publication.

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