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Belle character design banner Cristina Sal Ripoll.png
Bunsen character design banner Cristina Sal Ripoll-min.png

Science can seem difficult to understand. There is so much to it! Often, available resources are overwhelming, especially for children. Is it possible to learn science while having fun?

At Big Bang, I was in charge of designing a monthly magazine for children about various science topics. Starting from a plain text document, I transformed words into colorful and fun images.

Part of the project was to define an overall look and feel for the magazine.
Sometimes, outsourcing to other artists was needed, and I managed the tasks to make sure the quality and design were consistent.

I designed our characters, Belle and Bunsen, to guide the readers through the magazine and make the experience more fun for our readers.

To make work more efficient, I created a library of gestures and expressions of the characters that we could easily reuse. This also ensured that the work could be outsourced easily maintaining the art style.

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