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Startup Course Canvas Cristina Sala Ripo



Startup Course


At Startup Course, a group of professors have teamed up to create a course that will teach students about the entrepreneurial world and coach them while they work on developing their own startup. This is a very complex topic, and students often feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and steps they need to follow. Due to the pandemic, resctrictions have caused the course to reach less tudents. The goal of the project was to create a resource that would allow to deliver the course 100% online, while keeping the students engaged, curious and enthusiastic. It had to be something unique and very visual.


Based on all the information from the course, I created a large infographic containing all 14 lessons. It's fully illustrated and has blank spaces where the students can place virtual post-its as they do the exercises. The infographic is designed so that each lesson fits within a shared videoconference screen; and within each lesson, every section fits a videoconference screen too. Since the course is delivered mostly online, this makes it easy for the lecturers to teach without worrying about whether the content fits the screen. Being an online resource, students can access it anytime anywhere, and its appealing design helps keep them engaged.

Here I will be sharing some sneak-peeks of the project.

The full canvas can be accessed through the Startup Course website.

Startup Course Canvas Cristina Sala Ripo
Startup Course Canvas Cristina Sala Ripo
Startup Course Canvas Cristina Sala Ripo
Startup Course Canvas Cristina Sala Ripo


The amount of content was overwhelming, so we started by establishing the key messages for each lesson and deciding how the resource was going to be presented to the students, since that would dictate both content and design.

Once the key messages were in place, I made a rough sketch for the client to approve. The content and layout still evolved during the process, but having sketches helped us stay on track and limit extraneous information. Some sections were harder to visualize, so I provided a few options.

Startup Canvas Cristina Sala Ripoll Roug
Startup Canvas Cristina Sala Ripoll Roug

Then I designed the main characters.
My clients wanted to be characters in the infographic, interacting with the content and providing tips for the students. I based the characters' main looks on actual photographs of the clients to match their clothes, in my vector illustration style. Throughout the infographic, I changed the look of the characters depending on the context and scene.

Startup Course Canvas Cristina Sala Ripo
Startup Course Canvas Cristina Sala Ripo

Once the content and characters were ready, I created the full infographic. We worked together, my client providing the course content and knowledge, and I advising on design and coming up with creative solutions.

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