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VIDEO - How much I made on Freepik in 4 months

In this video I talk about my earnings on Freepik during my first 4 months of using it. This content isn't sponsored by Freepik.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the video, or if you prefer, read the text version below.

This post contains referral links, which means that if you sign up through them, I might receive a commission from Freepik, at no cost to you.


Freepik is a stock image site. Stock image sites are websites where people can find photos and drawings, and download them to use on their projects. As a creator, you can upload your own designs to these sites. 💸 CAN YOU MAKE MONEY ON FREEPIK?

Yes! If you are a Freepik Contributor, every time a Premium user of Freepik downloads your file, you can make a small commission.

⚡ However, I want to share a word of caution. I've seen some content lately, especially on YouTube, about how you can make a lot of money on Freepik fast and very easily. This is not only misleading but also a bit dangerous, since I see people recommending creators to take images from other sites, edit them a little and upload them to Freepik. This can lead to fraudulent practices, as well as people having their portfolio rejected or their account blocked by Freepik. Based on my experience so far, I don't think it's easy or quick to make good money on Freepik. I think it takes time, effort and skills. My goal with these videos and posts is not to convince you to use Freepik, but to share my experience from the very beginning and be as transparent as possible.


On my first 4 months as a Freepik contributor, I made roughly over 12 Euro from downloads. Personally, I haven't reached the point where I can call it a serious source of income.

But that's not all! On the date where this video was created, you need a minimum of 100 EUR/USD to withdraw your money from Freepik if you're using PayPal, or a minimum of 50 EUR/USD if you're using Payoneer. Since I didn't reach the minimum required for withdrawal, essentially I received 0 Euro. I'll have to wait until my earnings build up to reach the minimum.

What happened? Earnings depend on how many premium users download your content. If you upload consistently and frequently, create content based on trendy keywords or focus on upcoming events, holidays, or seasons, you increase your chances of users downloading your content.

For me, Freepik is something I do on the side and for fun, I work full-time so I don't rely on Freepik for income. In my opinion, if you want to become a Freepik Contributor only because of the money, it could quickly become frustrating if you're expecting high returns.


I've said it before: If you're looking to make a lot of money very quickly, no (in my experience). If you're willing to play the long-term game and looking for a semi-passive income source, maybe.

For me, it's something that I do for fun and to develop my skills and portfolio. If on top of that I can earn some extra money for my efforts, that's great! If that's something you're curious about, why not try it? The best thing to do is decide for yourself.

If you have any questions about Freepik or in general, feel free to write to me or let me know in the YouTube comments. Have a great week!


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